Can Bats Make Good Pets?

You may have heard about owning an exotic pet. The Raleigh bat is putunder this category by most people dealing with this trade. However, you need to know that when you take in a bat as a pet, it will be so miserable because it would mean that you lock them up within a cage. This is not the life that North Carolina bats are accustomed to and they won’t make it very long.

Taking in a Raleigh bat as a pet is simply inhumane. You will have ripped the bat from everything that makes sense. From companionship with other bats, freedom to fly pout and look for food, Freedom to recreate, make friends and be part of something meaningful. The bats are sure to have a miserable time the rest of their natural life. When you take in a bat, it loses all control over its life. You, the owner, control every aspect of the dailylife. You determine what is eaten, what water it drinks, when to clean the enclosure that it lives in and whether or not the North Carolina bat can get some air. You also determine whether it will have companions.

Why people do it
Most people choose to take in a Raleigh bat as a pet because it is considered to be exotic. When you own a bat, many people may consider you to be cool and you may actually feel that to. However, this is truly very horrible cruelty. Keeping a bat makes it terrified and it is inappropriate. You also damage its nutrition and the North Carolina bat has to live with boredom and total loneliness.

What you should know
Bats have the capacity to live w ell over 25 years. The Raleigh bats which are taken in as pets will rarely survive more than a year. This means that you will have wasted some hard earned cash on a cool pet that won’t even be around for that long. Bats are today well protected by the law at very many levels. You should know that there are regulations that have been put into place so as to be able to bring some sanity into the whole North Carolina bat pet issue. Taking bats from the wild and also transferring them is regulated by federal governments and states too.

You also need some permits from Raleigh animal health inspection and any permitting regulations can be in place regarding in the area that you live in. special authority is required so as to transport the animals. It is never too late to undo the harm already caused. If you are a person who has an exotic pet such as a bat, you can be able to do the human thing. There are various sanctuaries that offer the North Carolina bats refuge once they are rescued. Find one near you.

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